National Optometry Believes In Affordable Vision

National Optometry Strives To Make Good Vision Affordable By Accepting Nearly 40 Types Of Insurance

With 8 office locations in the Virginia Beach, Virginia area and several optometrists, National Optometry is committed to providing patients with quality eye wear at affordable prices. National Optometry accepts nearly 40 types of insurance, including VSP, Humana and Accordia National, and is committed to working with patients to maximize their vision insurance benefits.

Take Advantage Of Insurance Benefits

The optometrists at National Optometry encourage patients to get a comprehensive eye exam every year, especially if it is covered by insurance. But even in patients with no vision problems, it is important to assess the overall health of the eyes and test for any symptoms of future problems, like glaucoma.

In addition to an eye exam, most insurance companies typically cover either contact lenses or lenses for glasses once per year, and in many cases new frames every two years. The optometrists at National Optometry encourage patients to take advantage of these benefits and update their prescription annually.

Another way National Optometry helps patients save money is by offering high quality glasses at affordable prices. In fact, National Optometry is proud to offer new digital lenses to all patients as standard, where most other optical offices charge higher premiums for this new technology.

For over 25 years, National Optometry has been serving its community by providing top of the line eyeglasses and contact lenses at an affordable price.

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